My work

Some of my illustrations with pen and ink

Flower - Bumblebee - Cow

I made these illustrations for a small childrens book

Divers work

All kinds of work over the years mostly in acrylics, pen and ink, watercolours



Ever since I have followed a course in Childrens Facepaint I'm hooked. I love their smiling faces after I painted a nice design on theirs and hope to do this for a long time.
I work with the best materials from o.a. Kryolan, Diamond FX, Superstar, Mehron, Cameleon and Fusion, all products especially made for face- and body art.

If you are interested in booking me for a party or small event, please mail me at


Per hour I can paint about 8-10 children with an average design. I paint a maximum of 4 hours in a row. I only work on small events and I like to get paid by the hour, not per face.

Facepaint 1st hour € 45,00 p/h
2nd and next hours € 40,00 p/h
Including materials
Minimum 1,5 hours


Over 10 km outside the city of Haarlem I will charge € 0,30 p/km, parking costs are always for the client.

Special days/evenings

I charge 20% extra for special days and late evenings


If you want a special theme, or if I have to prepare for another reason, I charge € 10,00 per hour for preparation time. Special material costs are for the client. I will off course contact the client if its needed.


– I would love to have a shaded spot with a table and 2 chairs. The paints need to be out of the sunshine.
– If its a bad weather prediction you can ask me what I can offer. If you want to cancel please do so at least 2 days ahead of time. Else I have to ask 50% of my fee.
– Keep in mind that I have 15 minutes setup time and also cleaning up will cost me about that much. I won’t charge this, but I do need these moments.

Maybe good to know...

I'll make sure that:

  • My brushes, sponges, paints and other materials are cleaned following the standards, I use special products for this
  • The products I use are made especially for face- and body paint.

Because I like to protect you, me and the next person, I wont paint you if you show:

  • eye infections
  • recent chicken-pox
  • cold sores
  • lice
  • heavy acne
  • contagious skin conditions
  • multiple sneezing and coughing

– Is your skin itching or feeling very hot, remove the paint immediately

– If you are younger then 10 I would love to see a responsible adult in your neighborhood

– First time facepainting? You can ask to get a small test on a arm or hand

– If you wiggle to much, don’t want to be painted, cry, yell or touch my stuff I will not paint you

– Please clean your face before you hop on my chair, if not I might ask you to.

– If I’m busy, I can’t be very aware of the things happening in my surroundings, I can’t keep track of who’s turn it is, so keep an eye on it or the adults in the area.


But first and foremost, I hope you love the facepaint